Are You Looking For World Class Data Breach Mediation?

Daniel Garrie is a seasoned data breach mediator with special expertise. He has garnered a national reputation for his experience at the intersection of technology and the law and is as comfortable talking with entrepreneurs, IT professionals, and developers as he is with lawyers and judges.

He has mediated and served as technical advisor in several consumer class actions involving privacy issues and allegations of cybersecurity negligence arising from data breaches in the healthcare and financial sectors.

He does not charge for travel time and is available globally.

“His report was a model of clarity—even to a lay person—and demonstrated how extremely conscientious and thorough he had been. The report was directly responsible for the prompt settlement not only of the case immediately before me, but also seven other disputes between the parties.”

-Judge who appointed Mr. Garrie as a special master on a complex dispute

"Mr. Garrie is one of the few people who understand both the technical and legal issues that arise in disputes. His knowledge of each is at an expert level. This allows for more nuanced mediation and the higher likelihood of finding a compromise."

- Chief Privacy Officer and Partner, Global Law Firm

"Thank you for volunteering to share your expertise in mediating e-discovery disputes. The quality of your instruction reflected the depth of both your technical expertise in electronic discovery and your facilitative expertise as a mediator.”

- Magistrate judge who oversaw mediator training for Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Program